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Eurochild is committed to protect users’ privacy and make sure the content of the site (meaning text, video, graphics and audio published on the website) is accurate, updated and harmless.

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  • The content published on the Website is for general information purposes only.
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  • Eurochild reserves the right to publish and use on the Website any photos or videos taken during conferences and other public or private events organised or attended by Eurochild. In the event that you want a particular image or video to be removed, please contact the Eurochild Secretariat.
  • Children who have been photographed have signed a clearance form, with their accompanying adult. They have been informed of the use of their photographs. Photos featuring children must not be downloaded or used in any circumstance.  



  • Eurochild’s members have access to the Members Room, a restricted part of the Website containing internal news, calls and other useful resources for the members of the network. To access this, members need to register and then log in to our Website. 
  • By registering to the Members Room, members accept the storage of data and make sure to submit correct and updated information on their organisation. 
  • Before using the Eurochild logos and other graphic content, members are asked to read the Eurochild’s Branding Guidelines available in the Members Room and respect them.


  • If you believe that there has been an error with your donation you should notify us as soon as possible via email at info(at)eurochild(dot)org.  
  • If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card you must notify your card provider and if a payment is made to Eurochild on a stolen card, you must notify us immediately.



Eurochild uses different social media platforms to engage with stakeholders, share information and disseminate videos, articles, publications, and other content published on our Website and on external ones. 

  • Users are invited to join discussions and engage with Eurochild while respecting other users, avoid spamming, hate speech and other inappropriate behaviors.  
  • Eurochild is not responsible for external content published on other platforms and websites that could be linked or shared through Eurochild’s social media accounts and advises users to take extra care when visiting these.
  • Users are advised to take caution before clicking on any shortened URLs published on social media platforms.