Child protection policy

Eurochild’s work is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). We believe that child protection is crucial to ensuring that children under the age of 18 have the rights, information and space in which they can express their views and communicate effectively with other children and adults.

Children can only become empowered agents of change to improve their lives and that of their families and communities if they are safeguarded from abuse, discrimination and harm of any kind, be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect.

Child abuse is a global phenomenon. It occurs in all countries and in all societies. It involves the physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect of children and adolescents. It is almost always preventable. Children and adolescents can be potentially subjected to exploitation, abuse, violence and neglect in families, communities, institutions, organisations, private places, public places by various circumstances by variety of people, including delegates, support staff, and ancillary personnel people associated with the conference. In order to address and protect children and adolescents from potential abuse and exploitation during their involvement with Eurochild this Child Protection Policy has been developed.

We would like to acknowledge the following organisations as we have drawn material from their Child Protection Policies: CATS – Children as Actors for Transforming Society and Child to Child. The Keeping Children Safe Coalition has provided guidance for Eurochild’s developing child protection standards and how to implement these.


Eurochild’s child protection policy applies to:

  • All staff; Management Board members; interns and volunteers
  • All those acting on behalf of Eurochild, such as members, consultants or trainers
  • All those adults accompanying children to events and activities organised by Eurochild
  • All those who participate in Eurochild events and meetings involving children, including journalists, sponsors, donors, policy makers, etc.

All the individuals cited above will be expected to read Eurochild’s Child Protection Policy and sign a commitment to adhere to its principles and procedures

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