The EU Alliance for Investing in Children brings together 23 European networks sharing a commitment to end child poverty and to promote child well-being across Europe.

At a time when over a quarter of children in the EU face poverty and social exclusion, the added-value of this Alliance is to push for full implementation of the European Commission Recommendation  “Investing in Children – Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage”. The Alliance partners believe the EU policy framework and funding opportunities can catalyse political commitment and policy reform within Member States, thereby improving the quality of life of children and young people in Europe. 

Alliance's mission is to promote child-centred, quality and comprehensive policies to tackle child poverty and promote child well-being, by providing expert support in the development of EU and national policies, legislation and funding programmes.

We are active at 2 levels:

  • EU Alliance, made up of European Networks and Organisations, representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders.
  • Pilot National Alliances in Spain and the UK, coordinated by the Spanish National Committee for UNICEF and Children in Wales respectively.

The EU Alliance produced two key publications on implementing the Investing in Children Recommendation: