Investing in children

Over 1 child in 4 is living in, or at risk of, poverty or social exclusion in the European Union. This means, that every fourth child in the EU will be entering a tragic cycle, putting them at higher risk of lower grades or not finishing school, poor health, less chances of finding a job and inevitably, not reaching their full potential.

Eurochild believes that societal challenges of growing unemployment, health risks and others can be prevented if we invest early.

With its year-long campaign to end child poverty in 2010, Eurochild successfully influenced the European policy agenda, ensuring a commitment to obtain European Commission Recommendation on child poverty and well-being from the Trio Presidency of Spain, Belgium and Hungary.

The ongoing advocacy resulted in  the Recommendation on ‘Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage” in 2013. This Recommendation, although non-binding, lays the ground for a comprehensive approach to ending child poverty and improving child well-being, based on three pillars:

  1. Access to adequate resources and reconciling work and family life
  2. Access to good quality services
  3. Children’s participation in decisions that affects them, and in cultural, leisure and sport activities.

Eurochild actively advocates at the UN, EU and national levels for the implementation of this Recommendation to ensure that its integrated approach becomes part of national policy making and budgeting, guaranteeing all individuals  the right start in life. Eurochild believes that investing in children and their well-being is not only a moral obligation but also an economic priority.

In 2014 Eurochild coordinated an EU alliance of over 20 NGOs that is pushing for the implementation of the Recommendation to improve the quality of life of children and young people in Europe. The Alliance is continuing its activities on an informal basis.

At the UN level, Eurochild supported children and young people to engage in consultations on the resolution brought forth by the Human Rights Council in March 2015: ‘Towards better investment in the rights of the child’. We are actively supporting the implementation of the 2016 UN General Comment on Public Spending for the realisation of children’s rights.

Since its foundation Eurochild has been advocating to take a child-centred approach based on the principles enshrined in the UNCRC to prevent and tackle child poverty in Europe and promote children’s well-being. For further Eurochild material please see our Policy section.