Eurochild Children’s Council

Group photo of the last Eurochild Children's Council meeting in Brussels

The new Eurochild Children’s Council is aged 11-16 years and represents children from 12 European countries! Take a look at the photos from their second meeting to discuss the new child participation strategy and the Eurochild Conference 2020.

The Eurochild Children's Council is composed of:

  • Ranya: Slovenia
  • June: Spain
  • Una: Serbia
  • Victor: UK
  • Eetu: Finland
  • Petra: Croatia
  • Kärg : Estonia
  • Andreas: Cyprus
  • Yevhen: Ukraine
  • Sioda: Ireland
  • Martina: Malta
  • Milena: Bulgaria

First Eurochild Children’s Council

The first Eurochild Children’s Council worked towards mainstreaming children’s voices through all of Eurochild’s work, with a focus on events, advocacy and strategy planning. They supported the Eurochild network in reaching a gold standard in participatory practice by 2020. The mandate is just under two years – from July 2017 until April 2019. 

The Eurochild Children’s Council was made up of 11 individuals aged 10-17 years. All members have been endorsed by a member organisation of Eurochild.

The first Eurochild Children's Council was composed of the following:

  • Angelina, Ukraine, 2002
  • Anna, Greece,  2002
  • Arthur, Finland, 2001
  • Dalia, Estonia, 2002
  • Ilian, Bulgaria, 2001
  • Jan, Croatia, 2004
  • Edvina, Slovenia, 2002
  • Konstantinos, Greece, 2001
  • Sharon  Malta,  2004
  • Simonida, Serbia, 2001
  • Xabier, Spain, 2001