Latest projects

Eurochild is playing an active role in advocating for children's rights by engaging with the EU institutions. One aspect of this work is managing and participating in specific campaigns & projects to focus efforts on key thematic issues. We do also organise activities around so-called European Years.

Our latest activities are:

  • Together with four other international partners, we manage the Opening Doors For Europe's Children campaign to end institutional care and strengthen families. 
  • Childonomics: Measuring the economic and social return on investing in children. 
  • Working with child-focused civil society organisations, we support European parliamentarians in the European Parliament Intergroup on Child Rights to be Child Rights Champions
  • Investing in children: we are advocating at the highest levels to invest early in society to break the cycle of disadvantage created by poverty. In February 2014 the EU Alliance for Investing in Children was launched. Eurochild is coordinating the group to promote the three-principled approach to investing in children.