Following its flagship campaign to reform child protection and develop family and community based care for children in alternative care under the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign, Eurochild continues to drive reforms with the support of Martin James Foundation.

Eurochild has a partnership with  Martin James Foundation (MJF) since January 2020 to help the network deliver its strategic goal of ending institutional care for all children and reforming child welfare and protection systems across Europe. The funding supports Eurochild’s work with members active in the field of children in alternative care.

We have 2 key objectives:

  • Making sure that the next EU budget (2021-2027) prioritises investment in deinstitutionalisation reforms & all EU member states, accession & neighbourhood countries can tap into EU funds for this purpose; and
  • Eurochild members are able to leverage EU policy & funds to influence public policy and spending at a national level.

As part of our partnership with MJF, Eurochild focuses on a three pronged approach:

  1. Tracking trends, analysing country contexts, identifying gaps. We focus on understanding how the increased needs of families and children owing to the pandemic are reflected in upcoming strategies, policies and funding. We monitor developments in Europe by providing a space to members for their engagement & sharing. This allows us to identify the gaps in child protection systems also in the context of COVID-19 and propose the solutions tested by our membership.

  2. Building capacity of organisations working on children in alternative care and on-going EU – national level advocacy. We provide Eurochild interested members a cycle of webinars / peer learning sessions responding to their specific needs. They will exchange good practices to respond to the needs of foster families, providers of residential care and care leavers. The webinars will also help to increase advocacy capacities of Eurochild membership.

  3. Providing tailored technical assistance to civil society organisations in 3 countries – We provide more intensive support to three national partners in Croatia, Greece and Poland to accelerate deinstitutionalisation reforms in their countries. These organisations are from countries where there is slow development of family-based care, but a readiness for change e.g. legislation and capacity of organisations to lead on advocacy efforts. Our tailored support includes facilitating access to training & expertise in different practice areas, as well as capacity building to leverage EU policy and funding influence.