The Child Rights Manifesto, launched on 20 November 2013 and co-authored by 14 international and European child rights organisations, called on Members of the European Parliament to prioritise children more explicitly in EU policies, funding and legislation and for systematically assessing the impact of EU action on children.



  • Around 100 million children live in the European Union. And children make up half the population developing countries.
  • Their lives are affected daily by EU policies, law-making and actions.
  • All EU Member States signed the UN Child Rights Convention (UNCRC) and therefore have to promote, protect and fulfill the rights of every child within their borders.
  • The Lisbon Treaty makes the promotion of children's rights an explicit objective for the European Union.
  • And the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights requires that the best interests of the child is a primary consideration in all EU action.


After three months, the Child Rights Manifesto campaign gathered commitment to promote children’s rights and well-being from 347 MEPs and candidates to the European Elections. Over 90 Child Rights Champions made it to the new elected European Parliament in 2014.

To date, 100 MEPs have signed the Child Rights Manifesto.