‘CarePath’ project is a two-year initiative which aims to improve national and regional child protection systems in providing integrated aftercare support to children ageing out of care.

Project objective

The project strives to ensure that children ageing out of care have access to adequate trauma-informed aftercare support as part of the integrated child protection system. It improves the capacity of care professionals and aims to develop a sustainable mechanism that will enable public authorities and professionals to provide comprehensive
psycho-social support services to children leaving care, based on trauma-informed interventions.

Our free online training course is available now!

Learners interested in deepening their knowledge on trauma-informed practices and interventions for children in care who suffered traumatic events can now access this new and exciting free course by following this link. The course is available in five European languages – English & Italian (from Jan 16), Greek (from Jan 23), French (from Jan 30) and Hungarian (from Feb 7). For more information, see here.

CarePath final conference on Aftercare for Europe’s Care Leavers takes place online: 13 October 2020

Eurochild, as part of the CarePath project, is convening a conference for stakeholders from the childcare and protection fields. The conference aims to exchange knowledge on lessons from across Europe on existing aftercare practices, identify gaps in national policy, legislation and service provision relating to psychosocial aftercare, and investigate how change can be driven at EU level.

Videos of the conference are available to watch back through Eurochild’s Facebook page. The morning session on academic and policy perspectives on Aftercare for Care Leavers is available here; and the afternoon session on practice-based perspectives, and that of Care Leavers themselves, is available here.

A conference programme is available here

New online mechanism to help care leavers and professionals find services launched

The ‘CarePath Mechanism’ is now available here. It is a user-friendly tool that offers a one-stop shop for care leavers and the professionals who work with them to access supports for the leaving care process in four EU countries - Belgium, Greece, Hungary and Italy. The list of organisations for Belgium was kindly supported by Eurochild’s own Belgian members – a huge thank you to Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi), An Rommel from Opgroeien, the Centre for Innovation in the Early Years, Francesca Stuer and Maud Stiernet.

Project activities focus on:

  • Identification of transferable leaving care mechanisms and trauma-informed interventions;
  • Training of professionals working with traumatised children, based on the views of care leavers and adolescents in alternative care;
  • Development of an open online course for professionals on leaving care and aftercare support provision;
  • Establishment of the CarePath integrated service provision mechanism for cases of traumatised children leaving care;
  • Organising a European conference on trauma-informed child protection systems


Target audience
The project targets public authorities, municipalities and bodies responsible for child protection in four European countries. It also involves professionals such as psychologists, psychotherapists, art therapists, social and healthcare workers, counsellors working with children ageing out of care, as well as vocational training

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Ciaran O'Donnell