Protection from child poverty recognised by European Pillar of Social Rights

Eurochild welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights which has recognised “children’s right to protection from poverty”, among others.

Children in the EU face a higher risk of poverty compared with adults. As such, the recognition of children’s rights to protection from poverty and access to early education and care is a welcome step. The Commission’s proposal sets Europe on a good path towards rebalancing of social and economic agenda and we are eager to support implementing its recommendations.”– Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General, Eurochild.

The European Pillar of Social Rights, which sets forth 20 principles, serves as a reference framework for employment and social policy at national and European level. With this, the Commission has also proposed legislation to ensure greater rights to parental leave, which Eurochild welcomed earlier today in a separate joint statement with other NGOs.

Eurochild also welcomes the recommendation to EU Member States to develop “national strategies on child participation” to involve children in all actions and decisions that concern them. A social scoreboard introduced today, will measure child poverty, early childhood education and care and impact of social transfers. Such a scoreboard must have equal weight as the EU’s macroeconomic scoreboard if we want to see change in the lives of children.

We look forward to support from the European Parliament and the Council so that these principles can be translated into action. In an otherwise uncertain future, investing in children is a certain way to build resilience and more inclusive societies”, concludes Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General, Eurochild.




  • Children are at higher risk of poverty compared with adults. In 2015, 26.9% of children in the EU were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared with 24.7 % of adults according to Eurostat (2015)
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