Prepare for Leaving Care training in five countries

The project delivers training to care workers in collaboration with young people with care experiences.

Two young co-trainers Kruno and Martina who co-delivered training for care professionals in Croatia

The Prepare for Leaving Care trainings are now taking place in all five partner countries: Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and Croatia. Young people with care experience are co-delivering the training together with highly qualified Master Trainers. Project Partners are reporting back that trainees are very happy with the training and that they are glad to have the opportunity to focus on the topic of leaving care together with other professionals.

In Croatia, care professionals expressed their appreciation for the input of the two young co-trainers Kruno and Martina: “I see young people as my partners.I don’t see it as ‘us and them,’” says Daniela Vukelja, who heads a youthcommunity living centre in Pula, Croatia. “We build something new togetherand the insights from Kruno and Martina were very valid.”

In spring, the National Steering Groups and Young Expert Groups will be engaged in developing national recommendations and sustainability roadmaps. The national recommendations should help decision-makers and influential key-stakeholders in the national child protection systems to identify the measures to be taken to ensure that all professionals involved in the direct care of children are trained in leaving care and are able to implement the learnings in their places of work.

A new grant for the project Leaving Care has been secured, which will roll-out the above mentioned trainings in five new countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary and Romania) as well as new regions in Italy.

Read more about the training in Croatia here: Young experts help train care professionals


About Prepare for Leaving Care

Prepare for Leaving Care – a Child Protection System that Works for Professionals and Young People aims to embed a child rights based culture into child protection systems which improves outcomes for children and young people in particular in the preparation for leaving care. Eurochild is an associate partner in this project which is led by our member SOS Children's Villages. CELCIS has produced a Leaving Care Practice Guidance and Training Manual to deliver the training.