Maltese EU Election Candidates respond to children

The President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society (Malta) held a second roundtable discussion with children and candidates for EU elections.

Following the first roundtable held on 18 January 2019, during which children had the opportunity to voice their opinions and share their priority areas with EU Election candidates, a follow up roundtable has been organised by the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society on 15 March 2019. During this roundtable candidates provided feedback to the children on the list of issues which was put forward during the first roundtable.

The list of issues put forward by children ranged from accessible healthcare and environmental concerns to (online) bullying, among many other issues. Child members of the Children’s Council, Young Person’s Council, Consultation Groups and the National Eurochild Forum and a total of 14 EU Election Candidates participated in this roundtable.

Eurochild is part of the Vote for Children coalition that is seeking to engage EU Elections candidates as Child Rights Champions. The Vote of Children Campaign will launch on 4 April at the European Parliament in Brussels.