Eurochild Children's Council nominated for Innovative Development

Eurochild is honoured to be nominated by the European Association Awards for its first ever Children's Council.

Eurochild is honoured to be nominated by the European Association Awards under the category of Innovative Development by an Association for its first ever Children's Council. 

As a representative body of children’s rights organisations in Europe, Eurochild has recognised the need to engage the voices of children themselves. Nothing about us, without us, applies equally to children. In April 2017, Eurochild adopted a Child Participation Strategy with the goal of embedding high quality, meaningful child participation in our work and to support members’ participative activities of children & young people.

With the aim of achieving a ‘gold standard in participatory practice’ by 2020, we involve children directly in our activities (advocacy, event planning & delivery, and organisational development) and support more effective participatory practices in our membership.

Every year Eurochild brings children to the European Parliament around Universal Children’s Day on 20th November to meet with elected members. In 2017, our newly established Eurochild Children’s Council raised the profile of children’s participation at the highest level and received the commitment from European Parliament President Tajani to mark Universal Children’s Day every year to assess progress on children’s rights, in the plenary of the European Parliament. This commitment marks a turning point for the recognition of children’s rights.

Additionally, the inclusion and engagement of children and young people in the annual General Assembly as co-creators and workshop participants drives Eurochild network to be as participatory as possible. From communications to logistics and engagement, engaging children makes us as a network, more creative and reflective.

The European Association Awards ceremony will take place on 23 February 2018 in Brussels. 

Watch how the Eurochild Children's Council is taking over (video)