Children to be asked views on Brexit by Welsh Government

Good news from Wales after concerted efforts by children's rights organisations to bring children's voices to the top of the political agenda.

The Welsh Government is providing some resources for children and young people to have children's views heard on issues relating to Brexit.

According to media reports, children and young people's views on the Brexit negotiations will be heard by the Government of Wales. 

This is a welcome step from the Government of Wales that has come after many efforts of children's rights organisations in Wales to bring children's voices to the top of the political agenda. 

Children in Wales, a National Partner Network of Eurochild, has been actively reporting children's concerns with the Brexit negotiations. They have held meetings with children, young people and families to gather their views and provide relevant policy recommendations to authorities. 

“Young people’s worries of Brexit is increasing because of uncertainty and not being reassured what will be the action to get young people the best deal possible for future generations”. 

A round table exchange was organised in Cardiff in November 2017, where Eurochild Senior Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Mieke Schurmann also participated. A summary report with key policy recommendations and views of the children and young people has been produced to inform local and regional decision makers. 

Read the report Brexit & Children’s Rights: Implications for Wales – Summary Report of the Round Table Exchange Event