Reducing Health Harmful Transport Emissions in European Cities

EPHA are calling for National Partners to submit a short proposal for a grant to enable European cities to reduce city level emissions for the benefit of public health.

Project Narrative

Air pollution remains the largest environmental risk factor for health. Evidence suggests that it is even more harmful for health than it was originally thought. A large part of the problem is linked to transport related pollutants, NO2, PM and ozone. Diesel vehicles are mostly to blame. The recent monetarization of those damages indicates both significant health costs and also potential savings by implementing policies reducing health-harmful emissions. Given that the vast majority of the European population lives in cities where transport pollution is concentrated, aiming at reducing city level emissions can bring significant public health benefits. 

The European Public Health Alliance proposes to focus at city level with this grant-activities in the transition period 20192020 where the most impact could be achieved to accelerate the transition to zero and low emission transport with significant health benefits. To this end, EPHA suggests commissioning a high quality study about the health costs of transport in European cities expected by May 2020 as well as galvanizing the health community to take active part in this important debate about transport and health by supporting and coordinating the actions of national NGOs at city level.

Project Summary 

Grant objective: To reduce health harmful transport emissions in European cities 

Grant amount: 20.000.- € / national organisation 

Eligible countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom 

Deliverables (5):  

1. To present a 1 year campaign plan with a timeline, outputs, outcomes on how to advance health in the national/city level debate by December 2019 

2. To issue a national publication (briefing, research, literature review) from the organisations perspective /patients, doctors, particular population group (children, elderly etc.), particular disease (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes etc.)/ linked to a new report on the costs of transport emissions in cities (see the list of cities in the Appendix - Cities covered by the Research/project countries) by May 2020 

3. To organise a national policy event focusing on cities by May 2020 

4. To adopt a position of your organisation based on the findings and to advocate with it to city level decision makers by May 2020

5. Undertake city-level policy advocacy based on deliverables 1-4 by Nov 2020 

Application deadline: 29 October 2019 18:00 COB 

Duration: 12 months 

Starting date: November 2019 

The call is open to EPHA members and their allies (health focused organisations) active at national level in the identified countries. Based on the initial expression of interests, they are launching a competitive selection process. A selection will be made on the basis of proposals. 

EPHA therefore invites you to make a short proposal for proposed activities, either as a single organization or in consortium. The instructions for the short proposal are available here.

Please send your proposals to Zoltan(at)epha(dot)org by 29th October 2019 18:00 COB. 

If you have any questions, please contact Agata D’Addato at agata.daddato(at)eurochild(dot)org