For fair opportunities for children and young people

230 children and young adults gathered during the first 2GETHERLAND Camp in Germany in October 2019. The camp’s aim was to create personal partnerships between generations and together strive towards a fairer and more sustainable world. The Bertelsmann Stiftung teamed up with seven national partners, including Eurochild member National Coalition Germany, to combine their experience in order to support fair opportunities for young people in different areas of life.

Image courtesy: 2Getherland Germany

Focus of the 2GETHERLAND Camp was participation and exchange of ideas and perspectives. This started already in the preparation and conception of the camp: 14 committed young people were involved in the planning to advise the project coordination and represent their ideas and perspectives in the preparation phase. This paved the way for a high level of participation and direct exchange.

Cora Ripking and Jonas Deitert of the National Coalition Germany hosted two workshops on children’s rights and methods of communal participation and supported the camp-team. As the week had a full programme, there were countless opportunities to engage and get involved in the diverse activities. Plenary events, workshops, bar camps and group work as well as theatre, music and sports activities were part of the varied programme for head, heart and hand. All participants helped to shape the camp through their individual participation. The children and young adults also had the opportunity to plan follow-up projects and get financial support to realise their ideas. 17 follow-up projects focusing on social inequality were developed by the participants. It will be exciting to hear what came out of those different project plans and initiatives that continued back home.