Dutch Children's Rights Coalition celebrates its 25th anniversary

During the event young people led the debate and nominated four Dutch Members of the Parliament as child rights champions

On Friday 30 October 2020, the Children's Rights Coalition , which is part of the Eurochild network, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a children’s rights debate, led by two young people Lina (15) and Yasmin (20) on topics such as migration, youth care and inequality between four Dutch Members of the  Parliament (MPs). After the debate, Yasmin and Lina agreed that all MPs involved would continue to stand up for children’s rights and decided to nominate all MPs as Children’s Rights Champions, in preparation for the Dutch general elections which will be held in March 2021. 

During the event, children’s rights organizations also discussed other topics such as the need to protect children against racism and discrimination and the effects of climate change on children. 

Finally, the attendees also talked about the possibility for the Netherlands to come up with a national children’s rights strategy. Laurien Koster, chair of the coalition, has welcomed the idea and has stated that “in previous recommendations, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has repeatedly pointed out to the Netherlands the need to assess the effect of policy and regulations on youth in advance”.

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