Czechia to appoint an Ombudsperson for Children

Eurochild member Alliance for the Rights of the Child (Czechia) helped submit two bills to appoint an Ombudsperson for Children and to guarantee financial child support for single parents

Barbora Spáčilová, Chairperson of National Children's Parliament, Prof. Helena Válková, Governmental Commissioner for Human Rights, Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister, Stanislav Křeček, Public Ombudsman), Klára Laurenčíková, Chairwoman of Committee

On 1 June 2020, International Children’s Day, the Alliance for the Rights of the Child together with other Czech NGOs, stakeholders as well as children and young people were invited by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to the Straka Academy, the seat of the Czech Government in Prague.

The Governmental Commissioner, Helena Válková presented the brand-new bill proposing to set up an Ombudsperson for children which was endorsed by the participants. The Royal Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Viktoria Li, shared experiences of the Swedish Ombudsperson for Children which in Sweden was established in 1801.

The Czech Government is also trying to pass a bill that will support parents that are not receiving alimony from their former partners. The government approved the proposal and submitted it to the Parliament. During the 1 June celebrations, the representative of the Alliance for the Rights of the Child has reminded the Prime Minister of the necessity to approve this bill as soon as possible in order to financially help the most vulnerable children hit by the current Covid-19 crisis. The Bill has been approved on 15 June.