Europe Kids Want: children's voices

According to the results of the #EuropeKidsWant survey, children and young people do not always feel that their opinions are heard by adults when making decisions. What’s your opinion? If you’re under 18 years, you can respond to The Europe Kids Want Survey until June 2019! Available in 29 languages! Do you want to make an impact on children's rights? The upcoming  EU elections 2019 are a great opportunity to make sure the candidates standing to become European parliamentarians become #ChildRightsChampions ! Check out our campaign:

Eurochild conference 2018

High level speakers offering inspiration and food for thought on how children can become active agents in influencing and improving public decision-making! Discover local practice and policy: over 10 study visits in and around Opatija. 8 workshop topics offered participants a chance to learn by doing. 1/3 of the participants were under 18 years of age! The Eurochild conference is co-designed and co-delivered with children. Children bring their own ideas and perspectives to support their engagement in public decision-making. Interaction with participants of different ages and experiences! Participants are invited to share their stories at the Human Library and engage with each other in small ‘home’ groups!

Eurochild: A Strategy to put children at the heart of Europe

Eurochild is a children’s rights network of over 170 members in 34 countries. The network has adopted three strategic goals for the coming three years. Together with its members, partners and allies, Eurochild will aim to end child poverty and institutional care, and raise political visibility to children’s rights. Eurochild is eager to partner with organisations that share its vision of putting children at the heart of Europe. Discover the Eurochild strategic plan for 2019-2021: 

Eurochild Conference 2016: The Backstage

One in four children is growing up in poverty and exclusion; there are unprecedented numbers of migrant and refugee children entering Europe – many of them unaccompanied; and still over half a million children are placed in institutional care, in contradiction to all human rights standards. The Eurochild conference Children’s Rights Matter: Why Europe needs to invest in children, aims to take stock of progress, address on-going challenges, share good practice, and bring together different perspectives. Click here to see the highlights of the 3 days on Twitter.

Level up - Putting children at the heart of Europe

A 10 years old, Max and his sister Laura would like to live happily with their family and spend their time playing and going to school. However, the life of two children in Europe can face real challenges: poverty led them to deprivation and has separated Laura from her family. Eurochild works with civil society, governments, social workers and other experts to improve the rights of children. We are a network of organisations working with and for children to help them live happily and develop their full potential. Find out more about Eurochild and get involved

Children on Climate Change say: Take Us to COP21, "Change is Now"!

Solidarité Laïque, with the support of Eurochild, organised on 22 October the workshop “Investing in children: building a society sensitive to children’s rights”.  When it comes to climate change, children will bear the consequences of the choices made today. Ahead of COP21 in Paris, Solidarite Laique involved the children in addressing the issue of climate change. Watch the video produced by Eurochild in which children are interviewed on their ideas about the climate and ask to be listened to!

With Children, For Children

For Children's Day 2015, children from 8 European countries went to the European Parliament in Brussels to demand attention of decision makers and to participate in decision making. They shared their experiences of participation in the CATS conference, and in various initiatives and activities led by the European Children's Rights Unit. Organised by the European Children’s Rights Unit (University of Liverpool), in collaboration with the Department of Politics and International Relations (University of Southampton), Eurochild, the Universal Education Foundation, the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group, and hosted by Julie Ward MEP.

Better Public Spending for Children and Families - Eurochild Annual Conference 2014

About 250 child rights advocates, EU officials, CSOs, practitioners, researchers and policy makers gathered in Bucharest at Eurochild's Annual Conference 2014 to discuss “Better Public Spending for Better Outcomes for Children and Families”.


Ending child poverty in Europe. Andor: “Member States must invest in children”

On the International Day for the Eradication on Poverty, Commissioner Andor recalls the EU measures which can help Member States reduce child poverty. Effective use of policy guidance and EU funds can make a difference. Listening to children and young people, and organisations working with them, would be a good place to start. This is a video of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children.


Ending institutional care in Europe

The Opening Doors campaign operates at EU level and in 12 countries across Europe. Working with a network of national partners in each participating country and connecting them to decision makers in Brussels, we are calling on the EU and national governments to prioritise the transition from institutional to family-based care and deliver quality care for children across Member States, pre-accession countries and within the EU neighbourhood.



Mainstreaming Children's Rights

Launch of the Eurochild/Unicef publication "Realising the Rights of Every Child Everywhere - Moving Forward with the EU". This publication gathers a wide range of European voices and opinions on the subject of children and child rights. Authors include several working inside EU institutions and others representing organisations working with and for children in their communities.

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