Free Webinar on Trauma Informed Care

The webinar is intended to introduce and convene a discussion with Eurochild’s membership on the CarePath project and the free online course that launches the following day.

A free webinar intended to introduce interested parties to the CarePath project and corresponding MOOC course will take place on January 7 2020 at 12pm Brussels time. 

Hosted by Eurochild, the webinar aims to introduce and start a discussion with Eurochild's membership on the CarePath project, a two-year initiative that aims to develop an integrated approach for the protection of children ageing out of care in EU, empowering professionals and public authorities towards trauma-informed approaches.

The webinar will cover the following aspects: 

  • The project goals and what has been accomplished to date, more of which can be found here. 
  • The MOOC online course: the course, which will be launched the following day (January 8), introduces learners to trauma-informed care, which is of particular interest for professionals who work with children and young people that have experienced traumatic events during their life course. While the focus of CarePath is on children in care in this circumstance, the content will be of interest to a much broader audience. Trauma-informed care is a methodology that is gaining prominence in Europe (read more in CarePath's first newsletter). This type of focus on holistic, integrated care informed by the wide range of socio-psycho-emotional trauma that children/young people may be exposed is gaining recognition across professional circles beyond psycho-therapeutic professionals. This MOOC is an excellent opportunity to learn about this method! 
  • Explanation of the MOOC format: the details of the MOOC, including available languages and length, will be explained in the webinar. 
  • Call to action: the webinar will close with a call to action for interested members to become ‘trainers’ in the MOOC cycle, and become moderators in our discussion channels. We seek to utilise the interest and expertise of Eurochild’s membership and invite our members to engage at a further level. We actively encourage our members to get involved as moderators and help the CarePath partnership steer and lead discussions over the course of the MOOC on trauma-informed care, psychosocial care in general, and the need for more supports for children in alternative care both in care and when they are leaving care. 

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Ciaran.ODonnell(at)eurochild(dot)org. 

To register for the webinar, click here.