The story behind the smile - Eurochild’s new visual identity

After 10 years of existence, Eurochild wanted to refresh its visual identity. As a network of organisations working with and for children, we wanted an image which acts as a ‘container’ for our diverse membership and our broad range of projects and partnerships.  The visual identity needed to be flexible whilst also consistently reflecting our vision of building a society where children grow happy, healthy and confident, and respected as individuals in their own right.

The logo

The new logo takes inspiration from a child’s toy trunk. Playful, organised and strong – the toy trunk is filled with all the different things that a child needs to play, learn and enjoy. The ‘E’ denoting Europe signifies a society that we believe should bring a smile on every child’s face. It will contain the work and expertise of Eurochild that moves toward this broader goal.

The strapline

‘Putting children at the heart of Europe’ acts as the strapline of the organisation. Children account for 20% of the population in Europe but they have no political voice. Too often children are seen only as metaphors for the future, whilst Eurochild wants children to be recognized instead as architects of the future. Children are active citizens and can make an important contribution to transforming our societies.

The approach

As with the policies and legislation we recommend, our visual identity encapsulates a child-friendly approach. The rounded edges in our font are child-proof. Our language aims to be clear, direct and understandable to all.


Eurochild thanks Without Violence for their creativity and efforts in helping us define the visual identity.



Download the Eurochild logo

Strapline on the right
White for coloured background
Strapline below

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