A core value of Eurochild is to work in partnership

We have a strategic partnership with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, within the framework of the EaSI programme. Thanks to this support we are able to:

  • Bring the concerns of members and of children and young people themselves into the EU level policy debate;
  • Support our members advocacy at national and regional level, through information sharing and capacity building;
  • Strengthen the network by broadening the membership and improving working methods to ensure members participation and ownership of our activities.

Since November 2015 Eurochild has a core grant with the OAK Foundation to support organizational strengthening and to help deliver our advocacy goals. This grant co-funds our work programme with the European Commission in relation to developing national partner networks and coordinating EU and national advocacy. An additional grant agreement with the Oak Foundation supports the project on measuring long term social and economic value of investing in children – Childonomics.

A joint working agreement signed with the Martin James Foundation in February 2020 to support Eurochild’s efforts to end institutional care and reform child welfare and protection systems across Europe; ensure EU budget priorities investments in deinstitutionalisation reforms; and leverage EU policies and funds to influence public policy and spending at national level.